Pascal Vilcollet

Pascal Vilcollet is an artist currently based out of Paris, France.

Vilcollet creates large-scale paintings (some over 6.5 feet tall) of celebrity portraits, dog portraits, and other various figurative nudes that look as if the paintings are smaller in scale because of his technique and paint application.

He paints mostly for his own satisfaction. Portrait is his favorite motif, “it can be my obsession”. He doesn’t look for creating an effect; he said he paints to lighten a weight. He’s not interested in realism, pure figuration or hyper realism, rather than the border between reality and abstraction.

Vilcollet claims to have very eclectic tastes. He appreciates enormously Pierre Soulage and respects the artists that, in his opinion, represented their era: Caravaggio, Diego Velázquez, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Mark Rothko or contemporaries like Lucien Freud, Murakami, Justin Mortimer or Jenny Saville.

Pascal Vilcollet

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