Marco Pariani

Marco Pariani, 1986, is one of the most interesting figures of the new Italian art scene.

Pariani’s paintings formal vocabulary derives from Abstract Expressionism, appropriating significant elements such as large scale formats, dramatic and expressive pictorial keys and gestures, as well as a contained color palette.

Pariani immediately transcends national boundaries and is inspired by the society around him, whether in Italy or the United States. It is thanks to this opening of horizons that Pariani was able to intercept and to appropriate the energy that in recent years has given a new vitality to an old medium such as painting.

In his works, we can recognize a discipline of constant composition, rigorously respected through the delineation on the canvas of a specific space assigned to the pictorial event. But in this space circumscribed and regulated by almost ritualistic technical passages, painting was born of an intrinsic and radical freedom.

Marco Pariani

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