Lou Ross

Lou Ros, 26, began painting at the age of 17. He started doing graffiti for fun with friends on the walls of buildings. But this game soon became a real addiction to him.

Subsequently, the fast and spontaneous simple tag that he performed gave way to more sophisticated and substantial works like murals. Learning to paint on the job without going through art schools, Lou soon feels the limits of this street art, admitting himself that “there is an ethics of aesthetic beauty and repetition that eventually bores me. Painting beautiful is boring, while making a painting that has strength is quite another thing.”

The light, thin, stealthy and evocative lines allow him to describe the figures and shapes of the dancers. Movements of steps and changing positions are reconstructed with an edifying accuracy. One can have the impression of watching a live choreography. The gesture is often beautiful and elegant, and a certain gracefulness appears in these works though in draft form. Besides, the unfinished nature of the sketch gives the opportunity for our imagination to continue the magic of dance.

Lou Ross

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