Jonni Cheatwood

Playing a strategic game upon the surface of his often raw, large-scale, stitched together canvases, Jonni Cheatwood plays a set of related decisions in a step-by-step rejoinder to each possible move.

The working process plays out at the sewing machine, then to the studio floor then the walls and back to the floor, as the artist simultaneously moves from canvas to canvas, leaving behind the detritus of his own accidental marks, shoe prints, dropped and spilled materials, etc. so the work tracks its own history, the reality of the studio environment and the physicality of making these paintings as if he is formulating his own autobiography with fabric and canvas.

With bold colors, clean lines, occasional text and raw power that all merge into a rough and ready approach, that somehow remains elegant and visually seductive, these paintings point to a positive future for the young artist.

Jonni Cheatwood

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