G.T. Pellizi

“Test Patterns”, by the Italo-Mexican artist G. T. Pellizzi, consists of a series of pieces made of plywood that show linear patterns of colors or gray tones. Through the apparent Simplicity, references to the history of art and media communications converge.

To begin with, the title of the exhibit alludes to the tuning patterns of the television of yesteryear (used to adjust the television image).
The works exhibit patterns of linear repetition that refer to minimalist art. such as Agnes Martin, Frank Stella, Donald Judd and Dan Flavin, in whose works linear repetiton using paint, wood, metal and Fluorescent light tubes, are important references.

In Pellizzi’s work the grid is simultaneously figurative and abstract, because it has a clear model (TV) and because the pattern does not represent anything in itself.

But it should also be noted that if minimalism sought to blow up every trait of pictorial “illusionism”, television is the realm of seductive illusions. The old tensions between technology and art can be seen as a historical background to this exhibition (such as in the tension between photography and painting).

G.T. Pellizi

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