About The Gallery

Catering to an evolving community, the young art enthusiast Hind Ahmad, who majored in Art and Visual Culture in London, launched Artual Gallery in November 2017.

Her vision is “to provoke a cultural exchange between Western and non-Western societies by exposing them to one another through Art” From London and Abidjan, Artual Gallery has been the driving force behind several major international art initiatives.

Besides being an online destination to buy, sell, and research art, this virtual art gallery brings world-class rising artists together to deliver exceptional exhibitions, thus transporting collectors, dealers, and art lovers to their distinctive worlds. Using the internet as a platform, Artual cuts distances, transforming the virtual world into a real one and making art accessible for everyone.

Hind envisions bringing this movement to Lebanon and turning Beirut into an influential city in the local and regional Contemporary Art scene.

If you have a love for Art, a deep curiosity to widen your perspectives, and a desire to fuel your passion, Artual is the place to visit.